ComfortZone® Hansgrohe — welcome in your comfort zone!

Date: 2015-10-07





The height of a basin mixer determines your flexibility in the use of water.

Do you just want to have more room to move when washing your hands, or do you want to have enough room to be able to fill a watering can with ease? One thing is certain: the higher the mixer, the more flexibility you will have in your daily life. We have a name for the individually utilizable area between washbasin and mixer: ComfortZone.


It’s having a little bit more comfort when you’re brushing your teeth in the morning. It’s having added flexibility if you decide you quickly want to wash your hair. It’s having the lovely feeling of being able to decide more freely how you want to use water.


And when you have decided on the height and chosen your favorite design, you can then choose from the many combinations of mixer and washbasin. Do you want a wall-mounted or lay-on ceramic?


Find your own personal solution with Metris, Talis, and Focus. Or rather, your own very personal ComfortZone, and create the space you need for your requirements.



Mirror Cabinet Ponto

Mirror Cabinet Ponto

Bathroom Square Drain Meander

Bathroom Square Drain Bella

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Discounts info
List Price:€36.81
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